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“There is safety in your arms.  There is freedom where you are.  There’s a dream inside my heart…one you put there when you made the stars.”

– Nathalie Hope

About Nathalie

A pastor’s kid who’s parents blazed a trail wherever God lead them, Nathalie Hope acquired a passion for adventure, discovered the amazing love of Jesus, and found a home in music.  Melodies and words were an outlet for creative expression and a constant confidant no matter where ministry took her family.

As a college student, Nathalie moved to Nashville to be immersed in music and learn from the best. Since then she has spent many hours honing her writing skills and leading worship in the local church.

After Nathalie and her husband started a family in 2007, God began a new work in Nathalie’s heart; opening her up to a deeper revelation of the His love for her.  She began a new adventure and took on a new mission: to raise little worshipers and life long lovers of God. Motherhood was life changing and became a refreshing and beautiful source of inspiration for her ministry and songwriting.

In 2013 God gave Nathalie a dream to encourage and inspire moms like her to encounter the presence of God in the everyday ordinary things of life. In 2014 that dream became a reality when she co-founded Thrive Moms; an online community for mothers who desire to seek the Lord together. Today, thousands of moms gather through social media and in local groups across country to be encouraged and exhorted through the ministry.

In recent months Nathalie has been in the studio recording songs birthed out of a season personal revival and renewal. Her songs are filled with lyrics inspired by God’s Word, personal times of worship, and her daily journey of learning to live the Gospel whatever circumstances life brings.  Nathalie has passion for creating songs that invite the listener to participate; to come as they are—offering who they are—wherever they are—whatever the season, to the One who Loves them and Created them to enjoy His presence every single day.

Her first single will release this summer.

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